What is Voice Fairy?

Voicefairy.com is a service set up by the people that brought you VoxXpress.com. Its purpose is simple, to make it as easy as possible to find the right voice over for your project. It’s why we call ourself a voiceover search engine. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over years running VoxXpress and put it into Voice Fairy to make this the best way to get to the voice performance you’re after in super quick time.

¿Qué nos hace diferentes?

Voice Fairy was set up by film makers rather than voiceover artists so everything we do is from this perspective. This is why when you search, the clips on the search results page are our best guess as to what you’re looking for. They’re not generic clips they are the clip that the artist has that best matches your search.

También es por eso que solo te mostramos artistas que sabemos que están disponibles para que no experimente la frustración de encontrar el VO perfecto solo para descubrir que ya no están trabajando.

mike-cobb leigh-emmerson

]VoxXpress, Voicefairy’s parent company, was set up by Leigh Emmerson and Mike Cobb, a multi-skilled video producer and an internet security expert.

Nuestro objetivo es ser los mejores en lo que hacemos. Si tiene alguna sugerencia o comentario, póngase en póngase en contacto con nosotros..