Reading aloud: 7 tips for scripts that sound great

Identifying a voice with the perfect tone for your project is only part of the story. To enable that voice artist to achieve an audio recording that meets your expectations, you must provide them with a great script. By putting in the extra effort when structuring your script, you will be able to get the […]

The sacred trinity of the modern voiceover artist

The voiceover world, as with a lot of industries has undergone a huge transformation over the last decade. Gone are the days where every voiceover involved a visit to a swanky Soho studio and boozy lunch afterwards. For the most part, those jobs have largely disappeared. That’s not to say that the voiceover has disappeared. […]

Accents, Regions and Why They’re Important

Not that long ago, actors and vocal artists would, as standard, work incredibly hard to lose their regional accent. The scope for diversity within voice over was extremely limited, with anything beyond RP (received pronunciation) frowned upon. This is a reflection of the class assumptions of the time and is now outdated and unnecessary. In […]