Please see some of our frequently asked questions below.

Using Voice Fairy

Your booking is for just one artist however if you are in a hurry or need to record at a certain time, Voice fairy allows you to create a short list. This means if your first choice is not available, the system will move on to the second.
We recommend you supervise recordings over the phone as it normally results in a better more efficient process however if you would prefer not to, click the check box at the top of the diary screen.
The first thing to do is contact your artist though Voxmail. You have seven days to contact them after you download your file. They will normally do their best to ensure you are happy. If they are unable to solve the problem, contact us.
Contact us. We'll do our best to find it for you.
Contact us and we'll be able to give you an accurate costing.
The booking fee covers the admin of contacting the artist and arranging the appointment. It also means we know you're serious about booking them.
We get preferential rates from our artists because they know they will be paid within a month. For us to do this, we need to charge at the point of download.
Using our conferencing technology means you and your client can dial into the session. It also means we have a record of how long the session took and can listen back to the session is there was an issue.
Upload the material to a sharing site like Vimeo and put the link in the 'Project Style' field.
There are plenty of video and audio production companies able to do this for you. VF's sister company POV Productions is one