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Verity P - Voice Artist

Artist biography

I am a voiceover artist based in Devon. I have a professional StudioBricks home studio with a sennheiser microphone, scarlet 2i2 interface and use TwistedWave. You can dial in to my studio to give me direction, I offer a number of options. I specialise in corporate/e-learning videos, animation, IVR and commercials. I have a neutral English accent which can sound warm and friendly girl next door or commanding and authoritative. I am the Country's only female Master of Ceremonies introducing boxers into the ring. I was a nominee for a One Voice Award for my Voice of God work; I deliver pre-record or live. I have been trained by RADA director Gary Lagden and more recently with Tanya Rich at RichCraft.

Clients include

Mercedes, HSBC, Asda, NHS, The Royal Mint, Unilever

Records voiceovers in: English
Can take direction in: English
Show rates for:
£300.00 per hour+ £6.50 booking fee

Accents and styles

Showing clips in:


Radio, Commerical, Energetic, Fresh, Friendly, Fun, Sensual, sensual, Commercial, Husky, Radio Commercial, Seductive, Smooth, Believable, Natural, Warm, Announcement, Promo, Radio Ad, TV Ad, Inspiring, Sassy, Urban street, Serious
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