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Paul S - Voice Artist

Artist biography

Professional Male Voice Over Artist Hundreds of reads meet clients’ needs Are you looking for that unique talent who can deliver exactly what you need? A voice over specialist who can vary his pitch, speed, range and energy level to satisfy your expectations? Look no further than Paul Stefano. Whether reading a TV or radio commercial that champions Paul’s professionalism and versatility; voicing a video game that depends on a cast of believable characters; or narrating an audiobook with the depth, tone and resonance needed to tell the story well; Paul is the right artist for your project. Talented artist portrays many voices With more than 20 years’ experience, Paul has become an expert at transforming his voice to reflect a wide variety of intonations. Depending on the voice over project – IVR, imaging, narration, character, non-fiction, dual POV – he can change his tone in a heartbeat. From serious and trustworthy, to silly and sarcastic; from warm and wistful, to conversational and sincere – Paul can be counted on to deliver the right style for the project at hand. A microphone and a boy Paul began his love affair with voice recording at an early age. As a child, his interest ran the gamut from old-fashioned tape recorders to smaller micro cassettes to (some of the first ever) VHS recorders. As a painfully shy kid, he never had the courage to speak up in public. Then, around age 15, his voice changed – and so did his future. With a burst of confidence and a fresh outlook, Paul started using his new found audio talents on morning announcements in high school, then college radio and public access TV and, finally, as a public address announcer for a Division 1 university. Competes in an international marketplace Twenty years later, Paul is doing voice over work around the world. He has honed his skills to the degree that he can accurately portray and maintain multiple characters in a script, book or animated film. While Paul is excellent at doing silly, amusing voices for the right project, he is deadly serious about getting to the heart of each endeavor. His well rounded approach to the voice over industry has given Paul the confidence and expertise necessary to gain an international reputation.

Clients include

Inition UK, Bluetui, Firespring, Demo Duck, Escrow.com, Beemkan

Records voiceovers in: American
Can take direction in: American
Show rates for:
$379.94 per hour*+ $8.23 booking fee*

Accents and styles

Showing clips in:
Radio Imaging


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