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Michael E - Voice Artist

Artist biography

I'm a trained stage actor and VO based in Seoul, South Korea. I have thousands of hours behind the mic working on most kinds of projects a VO can be asked to do. Commercials, corporate eLearning, narration, animation, video games, ESL textbooks and tests. Being based in Mexico City, I'm only showing availability from 3pm until 11pm GMT but that would only be for directed sessions. My clients LOVE sending me scripts at the end of their day and having the audio back to them when they arrive for work the following morning!

Clients include

LG, BMW, Mini, Kia, Hyundai, Samsung

Records voiceovers in: English
Can take direction in: English
Show rates for:
$454.13 per hour*+ $8.05 booking fee*

Accents and styles

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