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Lorraine C - Voice Artist

Artist biography

I am a Bristol based, Scottish voiceover artist with my own (sound engineer approved) pro home studio . I have experience of providing voiceovers for corporate explainers , E-learning courses , videos and commercials for a variety of clients globally including Apple, Lloyds Bank, Nivea, Water Aid and GSK. I have a soft Scottish accent and my voice has been described as sophisticated, smooth, warm and authoritative . I can also speak Spanish (Castillian) and have a working knowledge of French-both of which has proved useful when narrating copy that includes foreign words and placenames. I have regular training with VO coaches including Tanya Rich of Richcraft and Sam Boffin and keep up to date with industry trends via Gravy for the Brain, One Voice Conference, Voiceover Network and other industry thought leaders. I enjoy live directed sessions and have been told that I am good at taking direction, but am also happy to self record in my home studio.

Clients include

Apple, Nivea, TR Rowe, Lloyds Bank, GSK, Scottish Development Initiative

Records voiceovers in: English
Can take direction in: English French Spanish Greek
Show rates for:
$454.13 per hour*+ $8.05 booking fee*

Accents and styles

Showing clips in:


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