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Lara P - Voice Artist

Artist biography

I'm completely bilingual Italian/British English and specialise in projects requiring a neutral, generally "cosmopolitan" English or projects in Italian (flawless standard Italian) or with an Italian accent. Despite my young sounding voice I've twenty years experience and in 2015 I was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in Los Angeles for Outstanding body of work. I "dubbed" hundreds of TV series, films and sit coms for Italian national TV channels. I've voiced cartoons and videogames in Italian and English, hundreds of adverts for the European and US markets, corporate presentations, training courses, tutorials, audioguides for museums such as Tate Gallery, Louvre, Van Gogh Museum, National Gallery, podcasts and promos. I'm the voice of BBC Knowkedge Italy and Horror Channel. I'm extremely versatile, my range goes from children voices to early 40s. I teach voice over technique at the Actors Centre in London.

Clients include

Huawei, Dove, BBC Knowledge, Nike, Secret Escapes, Procter and Gamble

Records voiceovers in: English Italian
Can take direction in: English Italian French
Show rates for:
$371.53 per hour*+ $8.05 booking fee*

Accents and styles

Showing clips in:


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