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Bill K - Voice Artist

Artist biography

Bill K is all southern roots, sometimes with the twang to match. His voice over is folksy, everyman, and always genuine. From humorous to authoritative and everything in between, Bill has a breadth of emotion to call on in his work. Broader than his passion for VO, Bill is a storyteller at heart. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, he grew up in the South—the land of storytellers, who can’t so much as give directions to the nearest grocery store without also illustrating the full history of the streets and scenes along the way. Bill is also a lifelong musician. Growing up in a musical family where everyone sang and played instruments, he quickly took to the trade and from an early age wrote and performed songs of his own. Bill studied classical guitar and voice in college, and spent some years in Nashville performing professionally. This true southern gent never ceases to amaze, right down to his unforgettable yodeling skills. With his affinity for all things vocal, it’s clear why Bill found a passion in voiceover acting. In all his projects he offers a quick and quality turnaround with a commitment to expertly delivering his clients’ visions. Now a resident of Southern California, Bill works from his professional-grade home studio equipped with a Sennheiser 416 microphone, Audient ID 14 interface, Adobe Audition DAW, and Source Connect. For voiceover full of southern charm, with optional southern twang and a little yodel on the side, work with Bill Kernodle today; you’ll be as happy as you can be.

Clients include

Recent Projects: “The Curious Case of Typhoid Mary\\\"- Radio Drama. (George Soper, infectious disease expert) Sarah Blake Producer @ Radio One Ire

Records voiceovers in: American
Can take direction in: American
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