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Abi H - Voice Artist

Artist biography

Born and raised in the United Kingdom with a British Mother and an American Father, she was destined to grow up speaking with both British and U.S. accents. Abi started dancing around age 3, starting with Ballet then Tap, and eventually trying Jazz, National and Street dancing. ​ With her father being a musician, she grew up having a passion for music and the arts. Abi started playing musical instruments from a young age including the Clarinet and Piano. Having also become involved in local theatricals as a child, she had found a way to channel her creative development, performing in productions including Annie and Aladdin. ​ As she grew up and moved around different areas of the UK, she grew further away from her acting and musical background and eventually the daily grind made her loose sight of that passion. It wasn’t until she was asked to record the IVR system of a travel company she was working for, which reignited something and showed her a new area of the arts she had never thought about before. Voice Over. Since then she has been taking acting and improv classes and coaching to improve her craft. She has finally found her passion again, being able to bring scripts to life, whether it be commercials, IVR phone systems, or explainer and e-learning videos. ​ Abi’s voice has been described as warm, conversational and friendly. As well as confident, strong, sexy and sassy, but if you need calming, motivational and sophisticated, she's your girl. Abi takes excellent direction and can give your script the attitude or edginess it needs to make it pop!

Clients include

Clearpay, Amazon, Starbucks, Polaris, Fujifilm, PepsiCo

Records voiceovers in: English
Can take direction in: English
Show rates for:
$279.92 per hour*+ $8.27 booking fee*

Accents and styles

Showing clips in:


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