Radio Commercials and Promos

To make things simple we’ve put together some packages for radio advertising which can all be found under the ‘project type’ drop down on the search page. For the purposes of the VoxXpress pricing structure there are two types of radio stations in the UK:

  • National
  • Local

If the station you are planning to advertise on is one of the big four:

  • Classic FM
  • RTE Radio 1
  • TalkSPORT
  • Absolute Radio
and your ad or promo is running across the whole network, then it’s classed as a national network. Otherwise the station is considered local even if it is a macro region of one of the stations above.
If our packages don’t meet your specific needs and you would like a bespoke price, please contact us.

Non sales Radio content

If your production is for radio but isn’t a promo or commercial then the ‘Non sales Radio content’ category applies.

All licences are for three years. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information on this page is accurate VoxXpress Limited cannot be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies.