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Liam G - Voice Artist

Artist biography

Liam is a Yorkshire based voiceover with over 10 years experience working in every field of the voice industry. His naturally fresh, neutral voice with a hint of Yorkshire is perfectly suited for engaging corporate and business reads, (animations, promotions, training videos, medical reads, tutorials, trade-shows) where a more modern, fresh voice is required than the older ‘stuffy’ type which is all-too common. Which is why he works with regular clients spanning the globe from his own purpose built studio, delivering work in superfast turnaround time! He is also an Associate Lecturer in Broadcast Voice at Sheffield Hallam University. All this experience allows him the full understanding of his voice, and how to use it to get the client what they want, first time! His extensive work with directors of all disciplines allows him to fully understand what it means to take direction, in order to deliver what it is the client requires. He is a prolific audiobook narrator and has released many titles out now on Audible. As he spent many years living in the Middle- East he has an understanding of different cultures and different corporate models, and what their different needs and wants are, no matter where the client is based. Liam is the voice of HMRC’s ‘Business Link’ as they wanted to move away from the old-fashioned ‘stuffy’ voice of yester-year to a modern, clean fresh natural and engaging voice of tomorrow. Liam is able to perform many accents to a native standard; including most UK and American regions, and has lent his voice to many zany characters from grumpy old wizards, to heros, to South-American monkeys and even a sea-horse with a Scottish accent! Liam is also a professional musician and able to compose, produce and mix royalty-free music and mix it into your track for you. Liam has the experience, the knowledge and the voice to give you, the client, exactly what you are looking for! Clients include: HMRC, Shell, BP, Natwest, HSBC, WKD, Hallmark, Mondelez, National Railway Museum, Latitude Aviation, Bee Audio, Audible, ACX, Lancaster University, Southpoint Films, Clarity Comms, Ralph & Co, Original Factory Store, Anti-Drink Campaign, Retail shops, HUB TV, Mandarin Kite, LaFarge Tarmac, Thomson Reuters and more. Expertise: Radio & TV Commercials, Corporate (E-Learning, Instructional, Explainer, Training etc), Promos, Narration (TV Documentary, Museum & Corporate) Cartoon, Feature Film, Movie Trailers, Dubbing, Audiobooks, Radio Drama, Poetry, Imaging, Explainer Videos, Public Information, Audioguide, Apps, IVR, On Hold, Computer Games, Language Training, Podcasting

Clients include

HSBC, Natwest, BP, Barclays, NHS, Audible

Records voiceovers in: English
Can take direction in: English
Show rates for:
£200.00 per hour+ £6.50 booking fee

Accents and styles

Showing clips in:
Yorkshire accent
Irish accent
Telephone Message
Audio Book


Yorkshire accent, Continuity, Medical, Irish accent, Telephone Message, E-Learning, Audio Book
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