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Jenny M - Voice Artist

Artist biography

Hello, I’m Jenny M. If you’re on the hunt for an honest and engaging northern British voice, then look no further. Often booked as the voice of the customer when a project needs a real, relatable & engaging voice. Especially talented in northern British regional accents including Mancunian, Scouse, Yorkshire & Geordie. An impressive portfolio of TV, radio, animation, film, online, audiobooks, promo, product demo, e-learning, in-store, on-hold and IVR projects to boot. My voice has been described as warm, friendly, genuine, down-to-earth, relatable, confident, youth, hip, bright, clear, chatty, melodic, quirky, open, animated, believable, natural, real, upbeat, honest. It’s a ‘real’ voice, young(ish!), equally at home in a regional radio ad as it is in a cool Spotify soundbite. With a natural Lancashire lilt I can be friendly, funny, edgy, empathic, conversational and professional, but always believable. And characters? Well what do you need? Posh Sloany, excitable Aussie, bumbling old Lord, deep south redneck, Texan dixie chick, well spoken newsreader, Californian valley girl, aggressive Russian, French seductress, Lancashire lass, edgy Landan teen innit… give me 20 minutes prep and there isn’t much I can’t do. Radio is my homeboy. Its here that I honed my craft. I have an in-depth understanding of the radio industry in particular, having enjoyed a 10-year career in creative and voiceover for Bauer, Global and The Wireless Group. I am also a creative copywriter and write radio ads on a freelance basis for The Wireless Group. So, I understand the creative process – the importance of interpreting copy and taking direction effectively. As a result, commercial delivery comes naturally to me. I’m fast, reliable, really easy to work with and technically, quite brilliant! We’ll get on like a house on fire, I just know it.

Clients include

The Co-Operative Bank, Tesco, Spotify, Colgate, Vosene, The University of Manchester

Records voiceovers in: English
Can take direction in: English
Show rates for:
£350.00 per hour+ £6.50 booking fee

Accents and styles

Showing clips in:


Corporate, Commercial, Continuity, Contemporary
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